Cartographic Bases

Accurate information about space for making reliable decisions with all the necessary infrastructure and efficient planning

Cartographic base is a faithful representation of the physical space where it can be seen the occupation, interference on the natural environment, aggression and eventual deterioration of the area, resulting from its growth over time and space. Being aware of this physical reality is fundamental to the space management. This is the base for knowledge convergence of indicators of a region.

Cartographic base is representative when has wealth of information and quality. The latter concept, in cartography, depends on several parameters such as positional quality, logical consistency, completeness, accuracy, time between other aspects.

These characteristics associated with geometric (accuracy) are basic conditions for the use of a cartographic base of registration surveys, drafts, executive designs of urban infrastructure, studies on the environment, urban planning, among other applications.

Engefoto seeks to continually aggregate all the technological resources and other advances in the field of Geomatics (consisting of a science to collect, manage and provide geo-referenced information). This always relies on experts for the decision on suitable alternative for a specific objective to be reached.

Highly valuing the knowledge, for example, to set the platform type (either a drone, fixed-wing aircraft or mobile wing aircraft or satellite) to be used, as well as the resolution and geometry of the images will depend on the demands and expectations of its clients.


Engefoto S.A. has operated in the industry, with registration in the Ministry of Defense as category “A” for 38 years, always with excellent performance in quality, and use of technology, and knowledge.

Keeping its own team, highly qualified in development, it is always in tune with all the innovations of GeoTechnologies and able to adapt its production capacity to the market/client demands.

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Registration Surveys

Having various purposes, the registration surveys are a constant reality for updating urban and rural information, essential to the project development.

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