Road Infrastructure

Study and design projects, according to the diagnosis of the site, identifying problems and solutions for the feasibility of the projects.

Road Infrastructure Consulting Services

There is no infrastructure project without its prior studies and projects.

At this stage, the local conditions are diagnosed, the main problems and difficulties are identified and the engineering solutions are pondered, discussed, and defined.

For the best solutions to be found, it is essential that the company chosen for the development of the consulting services has an adequate structure, a multidisciplinary technical team, experience, and state-of-the-art technology.

In the market for more than four decades, Engefoto has a technical staff specialized in the preparation of studies and urban road and road projects. Over the years, the company has developed important works in various segments.

Segments served:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Projects and Functional Projects
  • Basic Projects
  • Executive and Detail Projects
  • PQC - Project Quality Control
  • Studies for Road Concessions
  • Transport Master Plans.
  • Projects in BIM Methodology
  • As-Builts
  • TAC - Technical Assistance in the Construction Phase
  • Consulting Services


In the preparation of studies and projects, Engefoto applies modern technological resources, always seeking continuous improvement, through constant updates. The vast majority of its processes are automated, using state-of-the-art software in tracing studies, geometric designs, and intersections. Usually, these studies and projects are carried out on a cartographic base composed of photogrammetric restitution or digital orthophotocharts, products in which the company is specialized.

In addition, the company is a pioneer in the implementation of BIM technology for infrastructure projects in Brazil. It was also selected by the Secretariat of Logistics Infrastructure (Secretaria de Infraestrutura de Logística) – SEIL, of the Government of Paraná, to sign a partnership agreement to promote joint actions to promote the implementation of improvements in the management of public works and projects.

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    Other areas of activity


    Aerial Mapping System with RPAS.

    Railway Infrastructure

    Railway projects and studies.

    Cartographic Bases

    Airborne cartographic surveys.

    Oil and Gas

    Pipelines studies and projects.

    Information Technology

    Customized Georeferenced Systems

    Cadastral Surveys

    Preparation of multipurpose cadastres.

    Supervision and Management

    Managing, supervising and overseeing of works, public concessions and enterprises.

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