Registration Surveys

Having various purposes, the registration surveys are a constant reality for updating urban and rural information, essential to the project development.

The Registration is a Territorial Information System (SIT), usually based on portions, which records interests on the land as rights, restrictions, and responsibilities. The Registration can be established for legal collection and planning support. This aims for the social and economic development. Therefore, the Registration Systems should establish modern infrastructure to be supported by two pillars: the Government which uses for planning and administration, and the user, which aims to ensure their rights.

Consistently in tune with various geotechnologies, there are recent studies related to implementation of Technical Real Estate Registration, Engefoto aims to optimize at most this activity by preserving their technical and legal components, with automation of data collection and calculation of areas by photogrammetric process. This is combined with geoprocessing techniques, definition of construction standards and other information about each real estate unit through mobile geo-referenced imaging.

Using databases managers, with teams of engineers, evaluation engineering professionals and recorders,  Engefoto prepares the ​​Generic Value Plan (PVG) to get a relationship with sectors of their unit values ​​of a standard lot.

We also know that the issues related to land property, urban and rural regularization in Brazil are a major challenge to be faced. Geomatics provides support for reliable solutions in the demarcation of boundaries, in the collection of attributes, the legal and socioeconomic researches and preparation of maps of land use and occupation.

Physical and legal surveys for implementation of infrastructure works, setting values ​​for purposes of expropriation/negotiation with the occupants, also part of the field activities that Engefoto has operated over the years.


Consolidated experience with more than 1 million of technical records in several Brazilian municipalities, in different conditions of update and plant storage blocks of allotments, owned tax codes. This aims to tailor the solution with the local reality.

Process automation of data collection and generation of technical parts, as well as optimization of registry search optimization, when the activity so requires.

Extensive experience in the preparation of Generic Value Plans.

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Information Technology

Developing customized software allows the creation of multiple platforms for sampling, processing and analysis of results.

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