Cadastral Surveys

With several purposes, cadastral surveys are a constant reality for updating urban and rural information, fundamental for the development of projects.

Cadastral Surveys

The Cadaster is a Territorial Information System (TIS), usually based on parcels, that records interests about the land such as rights, restrictions, and responsibilities. The Cadaster can be established for legal collection and planning support, always seeking social and economic development.

In a coherent way, in tune with several geotechnologies, Engefoto seeks the maximum optimization of this activity, preserving its technical and legal components, with the automation of the process of data collection and calculation of areas, through photogrammetric process, combined with geoprocessing techniques, definition of construction standards, and other information about each real estate unit through georeferenced mobile imaging.

Using database managers, with teams of engineers, evaluation engineering professionals and registrars, Engefoto elaborates the Generic Values Plant (Planta de Valores Genéricos – PVG).

Elaborated according to technical standards, the Generic Values Plant presents itself as an important instrument for fiscal justice to citizens and urban planning, enabling adequate integration of land use and occupation legislation with the effective occupation of the municipality.

Physical and legal surveys, for the purposes of implementing infrastructure works and defining values for expropriation/negotiation with occupants, are also part of the field of activities that Engefoto has developed over the years.


  • 1595
  • Situation of Real Estate regarding Titling
  • Occupants and Squatters and expression in Local Production
  • Areas of Tension (litigation), Public or Vacant Lands
  • Regional Land Structure
  • Property Limits and Individual Plans of each Property
  • Basis for Land Regularization
  • Definition of Drainage Network and Delimitation of Microbasins
  • Subsidies for Studies aimed at the Elaboration of Engineering Projects
  • Adjustment in the Taxation of ITR (Rural Territorial Tax) and IPTU (Property and Urban Territorial Tax)


Consolidated experience with the accomplishment of more than 1 million technical registrations throughout the Brazilian territory, in the different conditions of updating and storage of allotment court plants, own tax codes, always seeking to adapt the solution with the local reality.

Engefoto is also remarkable regarding the legal physical registration for infrastructure works (gas pipelines, transmission lines, highways) for expropriation purposes, with evaluation and negotiation of real estate.

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