Oil and Gas

The economic importance of oil and its derivatives in the world market is a demanding factor for project planning and development.

Oil and Gas

Acting for more than 20 years in oil and gas projects, with activities of study traced, elaboration of cartographic bases, physical and legal registration, evaluation of real estate, geotechnics, geophysics, and mechanical design, Engefoto has always stood out in the segment with the provision of services to companies in the public and private sector.

These activities require a multidisciplinary team, composed of professionals such as civil engineers, cartographers, geologists, geographers, and geophysicists, among others, always aligned with the best practices of project management.


  • Geological and Geotechnical Studies.
  • Hydrological Studies.
  • Topographic and Topobathymetric Surveys.
  • Geophysical surveys on land and/or water layer.
  • Geotechnical land and/or floating surveys.
  • Laboratory Tests.
  • Permission Services.
  • Crossing and Intersection Project.
  • Geometric, Earthwork and Range Urbanization Projects.
  • Geometric, Earthwork and Range Urbanization Projects.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • FEED (Front-End Engineering and Design) projects

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    Aerial Mapping System with RPAS.

    Railway Infrastructure

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    Cartographic Bases

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    Road Infrastructure

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    Information Technology

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    Cadastral Surveys

    Preparation of multipurpose cadastres.

    Supervision and Management

    Managing, supervising and overseeing of works, public concessions and enterprises.

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