Oil and Gas

Economic importance of oil and its oil products on the world market is a demanding factor for planning and developing projects.

Economic development of countries is generally validated due to the mineral supply sources for energy purposes. Extraction of oil and its oil products is essential not only to supply the local economy, but as a “bargaining chip” with their partners and customers. However, the extraction of this energy source requires a strict planning to become viable and competitive on the world market. Engefoto has developed projects in this segment to make possible extraction, refinement and transportation of this product of such importance to the world economy. Here are some services that Engefoto provides in the segment:

  • Geological and Geotechnical Studies.
  • Hydrological Studies.
  • Topographic and Topobathymetric Surveys.
  • Geophysical surveys on land and/or water layer.
  • Geotechnical land and/or floating surveys.
  • Laboratory Tests.
  • Permission Services.
  • Crossing and Intersection Project.
  • Geometric, Earthwork and Range Urbanization Projects.
  • FEED (Front-End Engineering and Design) Type Project.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Successful Case.

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Mobile Mapping System

The Mobile Mapping System brings to market a fast, efficient and accurate option for various projects. Currently it covers road projects, property registration and assists 3D modeling

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