Aerial Mapping System with RPAS.


Integrating all reliable platforms for data collection, Engefoto presents its solution for imaging with RPA – SKYHOVER.

Keeping the concern with the metric quality, which has always been the company’s brand,  SkyHover uses the MATRICE 600 Pro platform along with a stabilizer turning cradle system and Phase One iXM100 aerophotogrammetric camera with a properly calibrated 35mm lens, allowing to collect images with a resolution of 1.3 cm, with flights at 120 meters.


  • Cartographic Bases for Urban and Rural Registrations
  • Cartographic Bases for Engineering Projects
  • Cartographic Bases for Geoinformation Systems
  • Generation of Digital Terrain Models
  • Digital Orthophotos


– Integrated system in 2019 by our Development team;

– Phase One Calibrated Metric Camera with 100 Mpixels, designed for Aerophotogrammetric use in conventional aircraft and drones. Resolution: 11664 x 8750 pixels @ 3.76μm;

– We are certified by Phase One to calibrate cameras in Brazil – We calibrate aerial and ground cameras since 1988;

– Ability to perform nadiral and oblique flights to generate conventional products, such as orthophotos, and 3D products (photogrammetric point clouds and 3D Mesh);

– Stabilized rotating platform, ensuring that the flight is executed accurately and within specifications;

– Aerotriangulation adjustment using Bundle Block Adjustment – Software developed internally, and in use since 1993;

– Generates synthetic photos free of distortions using technology developed at the company in 2011;

– The drone has an inertial system that employs 3 GNSS receivers and 2 IMUs, basically dispensing with the use of RTK.

    Other areas of activity

    Railway Infrastructure

    Railway projects and studies.

    Cartographic Bases

    Airborne cartographic surveys.

    Road Infrastructure

    Roads and urban vials studies and projects.

    Oil and Gas

    Pipelines studies and projects.

    Information Technology

    Customized Georeferenced Systems

    Cadastral Surveys

    Preparation of multipurpose cadastres.

    Supervision and Management

    Managing, supervising and overseeing of works, public concessions and enterprises.

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