Supervision and Management

Managing, supervising and overseeing the works, government grants and enterprises, ensuring that they are implemented/managed as planned.

In addition to the execution of projects, in the activities developed by ENGEFOTO we highlighted those relating to the Work Management and Supervision. In this field, the company has provided services to government and private entities regarding infrastructure enterprises in the following segments:

Supervision and Oversight of Works.

Work and Enterprise Management.

Technological Control.

Government Grant Supervision and Management.

Works Technical Assistance (ATO).

Works Commissioning.

More differentials

Through the allocation of experienced and effective technical teams together to work fronts, ENGEFOTO acts to ensure that they are implemented within the rules and technical engineering standards.

To this end, ENGEFOTO provides several remote offices, equipped with soil, concrete and pavement laboratories, as well as all other equipment that may be needed.

Nevertheless, ENGEFOTO also has a vast experience in the supervision and management of Government Grants. This operates in support of government so that it has peace and confidence that the contracts are being properly performed.

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