Partnership BIM – SEIL

Partnership for the development of BIM technology for transport infrastructure projects.

Partnership BIM – SEIL

ENGEFOTO has been selected through the Public Call to act as a partner of the Office of Infrastructure and Logistics of Paraná – SEIL PR in the development of BIM technology to transport infrastructure projects.

Public Call refers to the formation of a select working group, consisting of government agents, universities, technology companies and designers to jointly implement the BIM Development Plan under SEIL.

For ENGEFOTO to be part of this working group, in addition to contributing effectively to the development of this important tool, it consolidates as a pioneer on the market in the use of BIM for linear works projects.

Visit Portal BIM Paraná and learn more.


What is BIM?

BuildingInformationModeling (BIM) is an integrated process of information management of various specialties of the design, construction and operation, whereby it is possible to generate a structured flow of information sharing between different parties.

The BIM process is supported by three-dimensional computer models that allow you to represent with high degree of rigor virtually all physical and functional characteristics of a building. This is a powerful tool in the control and support for decision making throughout the various phases of the life cycle of an enterprise.


The BIM model transcends the mere three-dimensional digital prototype component of the project. Its great strength lies in internal database where the project information is organized and with which you can interact in several ways. Direct access to database information allows, on the one hand, you to expedite considerably the processing, compilation and consistent project data extraction, and on the other, the schedule of routines to automate modeling processes and data introduction, both important aspects for increased productivity and consistency of the results obtained.


It confirms a sample of executive design developed by Engefoto using a 3D platform: