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Banco do Brasil

Bank of Brazil

The largest bank in Latin America.



One of the main electricity utilities in Brazil.


Docas company of the State of Sao Paulo, responsible for playing the role of port authority as part of the port of Santos.



The Housing Company of Paraná (Cohapar) is a government-controlled company operating in the implementation of the housing programs of the Government of Paraná.


It operates in water supply and sewage collection services in municipalities of Pernambuco.


The largest company in Paraná operates in the fields of generation, transmission and distribution, and telecommunications.

DER Paraná

DER Paraná

A department in charge of managing the state highway network of Paraná.



A federal agency in charge of the Federal System of Transport and Multimodal Traffic of People and Goods, in the road, rail and water systems.


EPE – Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (Energy Research Company)

EPE provides services to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) in the area of studies and research designed to subsidize the planning of the energy sector. This covers electricity, oil and natural gas and its oil products, and biofuels.



A government-controlled company operating in generation and energy transmission segment.

Government of the State of Pernambuco

First Brazil’s economic core, as it stood out in the extraction of brazilwood and was the first part of the country where the sugar cane culture developed effectively.

IGC – Geographic and Cartographic Institute of the State of São Paulo

It aims to promote the knowledge of the Sao Paulo territory. It is dedicated to the cartography of detail and accuracy. This provides products such as charts and maps


The National Institute of Colonization and Land Reform has the primary mission to implement land reform and doe the national land planning.

Infraero Aeroportos

A Brazilian Government Company responsible for managing 59 main airports in Brazil.



Urban Planning and Research Institute of Curitiba.



One of the largest publicly traded oil companies in the world.