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Local Government of Aracruz

The municipality of emerging economy, as it is a strategic point of easy access and good logistics structure, which enables good commercial prospects.

Local Government of Arapiraca

The town has several large companies and numerous small businesses that give a big boost to the economy of the State of Alagoas.

Local Government of Boca do Acre

Belonging to Mesoregion of South of Amazon State and Micro-region of Purus. It was named after this as it is locating at the mouth of River Acre in River Purus.

Local Government of Castro

At the banks of Rio Iapó, it has a tourism potential due to the privileged relief (CanyonGuartelá and beauties of the region of Campos Gerais).

Local Government of Cuiabá

It is known as the “green city” because of the large afforestation. It is situated at the left bank of the river of the same name and forms a conurbation with Várzea Grande.

Local Government of Curitiba

The town that is concerned jointly to be ecologically sustainable, with quality of life, a good infrastructure and economic dynamism.

Local Government of Caxias do Sul

Located in the physiographic region of Rio Grande do Sul, the urban center of the town was built on an extension of the Vacaria Plateau.

Local Government of Cubatão

With a large industrial park, it is the only municipality of Santos who is not on the seashore.

Local Government of Fortaleza

It is the northeastern town with the largest area of regional influence and has the third largest network in Brazil’s urban population.

Local Government of Guarapuava

Considered a regional hub for development with strong influence on neighboring municipalities, it is also part of a road and rail junction of national importance called the Mercosur corridor.

Local Government of Guarulhos

The second most populous town in the state, the 13th most populous town in Brazil and the 53rd most populous town in the Americas.

Local Government of Itapevi

Known as the “town of new roofs,” “Town of Roses”, or as may be read on the wall of the train station of municipality, “town of hope.”

Local Government of Jaboatão dos Guararapes

The municipality of Jaboatão dos Guararapes is located on the coast of the state of Pernambuco. It is in a strategic position, as it is located between the Porto de Suape, main hub for state development, and Recife.

Local Government of Jandira

Municipality of micro-region of Osasco, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. It is located on the West side of the greater São Paulo.

Local Government of João Pessoa

Capital and main financial and economic center of the State of Paraíba. It is one of the capitals which has a better quality of life of the Northeast.

Local Government of Jundiaí

The 9th town with highest quality of life of Brazil. It is also one of the safest municipalities in Brazil and in the State of São Paulo

Local Government of Maringá

Maringa is a medium-large planned town and recent urbanization and the third largest town in the state and seventh most populous one in the southern region.

Local Government of Sumaré

Sumaré has its origin from a sesmaria (plot of uncultivated land assigned to settlers by the Portuguese kings). The earliest references to the region of Quilombo for over 200 years.


Local Government of Mossoró

Considered to be one of the most attractive medium-sized Brazilian towns for investments. The municipality is the largest onshore oil producer in Brazil.

Local Government of Novo Hamburgo

Novo Hamburgo is located in the Vale do Rio dos Sinos, about 40 kilometers from the State capital and belongs to the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre.

Local Government of Recife

Seat of the richest urban agglomeration of the north-northeast, and the fourteenth largest GDP of Brazil and the largest GDP per capita between the northeastern capitals.

Local Government of Salvador

First seat of the Portuguese colonial administration of Brazil, the town is one of the oldest in America and one of the first planned towns.

Local Government of São Paulo

São Paulo is the most influential Brazilian town in the global scenario and is considered the 14th most globalized town on the planet.

Local Government of Santo André

The fifteenth most developed Brazilian town, the eighth most developed town of the State of São Paulo. The fifth best town in Brazil to raise children.



ACCIONA is a leading company in the development, promotion and management of infrastructures, renewable energy, water and services, actively contributing to the sustainable development.

Tom Jobim Airport – Rio Galeao

One of the main and busiest airports in Latin America. Port of arrival to Brazil’s most visited city.

Arteris S.A

Arteris S.A

One of the biggest companies of in the sector of highway grants in Brazil.

Bahia Mineração

Bahia Mineração is a Brazilian company that started to be set up in 2005 with a pioneer project in the State.

Banco do Brasil

Bank of Brazil

The largest bank in Latin America.

Caminhos do Paraná

A concessionaire operating in the Lot 2 of Integration Ring of Paraná.

CCR Group

A Brazilian company of infrastructure, transport and service concessions, one of the leading companies in the management of highways in Brazil.



One of the main electricity utilities in Brazil.


Docas company of the State of Sao Paulo, responsible for playing the role of port authority as part of the port of Santos.



The Housing Company of Paraná (Cohapar) is a government-controlled company operating in the implementation of the housing programs of the Government of Paraná.


It operates in water supply and sewage collection services in municipalities of Pernambuco.



Highway concessionaire responsible for 180 kilometers of BR-040, in the stretch between Juiz de Fora and Rio de Janeiro.

Concessionaire Porto Novo

The Concessionaire Porto Novo, in charge of the execution of works and provision of services of Urban Operation of Porto Maravilha in Rio.


The largest company in Paraná operates in the fields of generation, transmission and distribution, and telecommunications.

Viracopos Brasil Consortium

Viracopos Brasil Consortium aims to transform the international airport of Viracopos in the largest and most modern airport in Latin America.

DER Paraná

DER Paraná

A department in charge of managing the state highway network of Paraná.

DERSA – Desenvolvimento Rodoviário S.A

A government-controlled company whose goal is to build, operate, maintain and manage highways, and intermodal terminals.



A federal agency in charge of the Federal System of Transport and Multimodal Traffic of People and Goods, in the road, rail and water systems.



One of the largest groups of infrastructure and intermodal logistics in Brazil.

Energias de Portugal

A company operating in the generation, distribution, transmission, marketing, and power solutions.

Enercan – Campos Novos Energia S.A

It oversees the operation, maintenance and management of Campos Novos Hydroelectric Power Plant.


EPE – Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (Energy Research Company)

EPE provides services to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) in the area of studies and research designed to subsidize the planning of the energy sector. This covers electricity, oil and natural gas and its oil products, and biofuels.

Foz do Brasil

Foz do Brasil is a company created in 2009 operating the area of sanitation and wastewater treatment, present in several municipalities of Brazil.



A government-controlled company operating in generation and energy transmission segment.

Government of the State of Pernambuco

First Brazil’s economic core, as it stood out in the extraction of brazilwood and was the first part of the country where the sugar cane culture developed effectively.

IGC – Geographic and Cartographic Institute of the State of São Paulo

It aims to promote the knowledge of the Sao Paulo territory. It is dedicated to the cartography of detail and accuracy. This provides products such as charts and maps


The National Institute of Colonization and Land Reform has the primary mission to implement land reform and doe the national land planning.

Infraero Aeroportos

A Brazilian Government Company responsible for managing 59 main airports in Brazil.


Invepar is a Brazilian group that operates in the transport infrastructure, in Brazil. This focuses on management and operation of highways, urban mobility systems, and airports.



Urban Planning and Research Institute of Curitiba.


A company operating in heavy construction, infrastructure, and concessions.


A global organization from Brazil. It operates in the fields of Engineering, Infrastructure, Industry, Energy, Transport, and Environment.



One of the largest publicly traded oil companies in the world.


Rumo Logística

Rumo consists of 4 railway concessions in Brazil. This amounts to 12,000 km of railways, around 1,000 locomotives and 27,000 wagons, through which the company transports agricultural commodities and industrial products.

Secil Supremo Cimentos

A Portuguese cement producing company and currently the second largest cement plant in Portugal. With operations in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Angola.



One of the largest construction companies in the global energy sector, State Grid was installed in mid-2010 and created State Grid Brazil Holding S.A and began to participate directly on the Brazilian market.


Second largest global producer of eucalyptus pulp and among the five largest pulp markets.


A company operating in the field of Steel Industry, Mining, one of the largest in the distribution segment and processing of steel.



One of the world’s largest mining companies, with leading positions in iron ore and nickel segments.


A concessionaire that runs the Lot 2 of the Integration Ring of Paraná.