Cartographic Base – Local Government of Recife

Digital Aerophotogrammetric Cover Services, airborne laser profiling, obtaining 2D and 3D polygons and restitution.

The Local Government of Recife hired Engefoto to perform the services of digital aerophotogrametric  coverage, airborne laser profiling, obtaining 2D and 3D polygons and stereophotogrammetrical restitution containing the following steps:

  • Digital aerophotogrametric coverage with GSD (GroundSampleDistance) of 8 cm of 220 km².
  • Air coverage with Airborne Laser Profiler (LIDAR) of 220 km².
  • Implementing the Topographic Reference Network composed of 41 vertices with approval of 5 landmarks in IBGE [Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics].
  • Generation of Digital Terrain Model (MDT), Digital Surface Model (MDS) and contour lines using LIDAR information.
  • Stereophotogrammetrical restitution to the scale of 1:1,000.
  • Generation of polygons in 2D and 3D buildings to obtain their respective volumes totaling 231,698 polygons.
  • Preparing Geospatial Metadata (XML) of the final products generated through the ArcGis platform.

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