Geographic Information System (GIS) – Porto Novo

Development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for preparing active database.

To prepare an inventory for the registration of roads and other elements of urban infrastructure, the Concessionaire in charge of managing Porto Novo Area located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, hired Engefoto for the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS). This system has been developed to hold information from the cartographic map, land mobile data imaging and data from the topographic surveys.

This collection of information has been used in the registration of urban infrastructure elements of interest. Covering a total of 5 km², the services provided were:

  • Cartographic Base Update.
  • Land Mobile Geo-Referenced Imaging.
  • Registration of Urban Infrastructure Elements
  • Topographical Survey.
  • Preparing a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Services Performed

  • Digital mapping update 1:2,000, through digital images for aerophotographic covering done in 2010, with GSD of 0.5 m.
  • Land mobile geo-referenced imaging of the facades of the buildings and the urban infrastructure for a road network inventory. To execute this step, we used the Mobile Mapping System (MMS) developed by Engefoto with centimeter accuracy. Such a system allowed obtaining photographic images which the photo identifiable details have been geo-referenced with submeter accuracy.
  • The inventory was comprised of the following criteria in a way summed up: Floors (flexible, rigid, defects in the track), public areas (green areas, squares, bus stops, monuments, etc.), drainage, road safety, signs, structures (bridges, overpasses and footbridges), telecommunications and lighting and electrification system.
  • Preparing Geographic Information System (GIS) to achieve the organization of alphanumeric database, data re-insertion in the re-registration in database, maintenance and updating of registration data, performing queries, generation of reports and printing of maps.