Land Property Regularization, Risk Map and Revenue Recovery – Local Government of Sumaré

Land Property Regularization Survey of 7,500 real estate units, located in the areas of Poor Settlements.

Engefoto carried out for the Local Government of Sumaré, located in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas, São Paulo, the preparation of cartographic base with GSDt (GroundSampleDistance) flight of 8 cm in the urban area of ​​the municipality of approximately 70 km². This initially focused the stereophotogrammetric restitution in 1:500 scale aiming for Land Property Regularization of 7,500 real estate units located in areas of Poor Settlements In addition, the socioeconomic registration, sealing of units and obtaining all technical parts as individual plants and descriptive records have been conducted. Based on this database it has been possible to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) focused on the management of such information.

Using the same basic registration cartography of the whole municipal area, a Municipal Risk Reducing Plan has been prepared. This tool of paramount importance and usefulness for lowering risks inherent to landsliding in hillside areas and undermining of riverbanks.

In a second step, we used the cartographic base already generated for registration revision of 70,000 real estate units with its proper geocoding, facade  imaging data obtained through a modern system called LandRunner, developed by Engefoto for land Mobile Imaging. To optimize works  an application for intersections of information of real estate units (existing data x new data obtained) has been developed. The preparation of a letter of notification to owners of real estate units, of which presented difference between the data contained in the Tax System of the Municipal Government and the related information obtained by the registration update process performed.

Heavy rains can cause major human disasters. A GIS developed for studies of areas at risk of flooding and landslides is a great facilitator for decision-making and to prevent these disasters.