Map of Land Use – Catchment Area of Rio das Pedras – Local Government of Guarapuava

Preparing the cartographic base throughout the municipality, aiming to prepare Land Use Map for the Catchment Area of Rio das Pedras.

The largest municipality in the State of Paraná, Guarapuava, through the Municipal Planning hired Engefoto to perform services of preparation of Cartographic base throughout the municipality, with an area of approximately 3,087 km ², aiming at the elaboration of Map to use the soil for the catchment area of the river of Rocks, the main source of supply.

This way the flight using GSD (GroundSampleDistance) of 30 cm was prepared, the airborne laser profiling with a density of 2 points/m², generation of digital orthophotos at 1:5,000 scale of approximately 3,100 km². At the same time, the Digital Mosaic of the remaining urban areas – Scale 1:5,000 (Cinco Colônias, Palmeirinha, Guairacá and Guará); Digital Mosaic of Catchment Area of Rio das Pedras – Scale 1:30,000; Digital Mosaic of the area of the municipality – Scale 1:100,000; and the Restitution of Catchment Area and Delimitation of Sub-Catchment Areas of urban rivers were done.