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Geographic Information System (GIS) – Porto Novo

Development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for preparing active database.

Land Property Regularization of Rural and Urban Real Estate

Technical Services for Land Property Regularization of Rural and Urban Real Estate of the properties of the Client and their respective servitudes.

Geographic Information System (GIS) – Local Government of Fortaleza

Preparing a Geographical Information System (GIS) in the form of a Pilot Project, where the technical specifications will be diagnosed and defined for the improvement or creation of new modules in the Territorial Information System of Fortaleza (SITFOR).

Guatemala Highway CA2

Preliminary studies and basic road engineering projects intended to subsidize the budgeting and negotiation of the works planned for the Highway CA2E and CA2W, in Guatemala

Systematic Mapping – State of Pernambuco

In this way, the State of Pernambuco becomes one of the few Brazilian States to own the whole mapping of its territorial area.

Urban Land Property Regularization – Local Government de Castro

Doing the Urban Land Property Regularization of Vila Tronco to realize the right of the citizens of this region to housing and full development.

Ruta del Sol – Grant Studies

Execution of studies intended to support the preparation of proposals for the grant of Ruta Del Sol in Colombia.

Map of Land Use – Catchment Area of Rio das Pedras – Local Government of Guarapuava

Preparing the cartographic base throughout the municipality, aiming to prepare Land Use Map for the Catchment Area of Rio das Pedras.

Petrobras – Pipeline Pilar/Mossoró

Obtaining and generation services of products necessary for the implementation of servitude strip for passages and areas for additional installations of Gas Pipeline Pilar/AL-Mossoró/RN.

Land Property Regularization, Risk Map and Revenue Recovery – Local Government of Sumaré

Land Property Regularization Survey of 7,500 real estate units, located in the areas of Poor Settlements.

Cartographic Base – Local Government of Recife

Digital Aerophotogrammetric Cover Services, airborne laser profiling, obtaining 2D and 3D polygons and restitution.

Restoration Project CREMA BR-364/RO

Preparing a Detailed Design Engineering for the Highway Restoration of type CREMA – Step 2 – BR364/RO, Lot 01 – Ent. BR-174 (A)(Div. MT/RO) – Ent. RO 010/387 (A) (Pimenta Bueno) and Vilhena – Airport (Access), segment – km 0.00 to km 196.60.