Comprehensive and sustainable solutions in geomatics and transport engineering consultancy, with almost 40 years of experience and more than 1,000 contracts made. All this coupled with a strong technological pioneering and utmost excellence in quality, with the rigorous approval of ISO 9001 certification: in absolutely all of its processes.

Founded in 1980, Engefoto has been consolidated as a synonym for advancement and development. Its robust edges in hardware, software and equipment ensure much more accurate, in-depth and safe surveys to the market that recognizes the high commitment with the best delivery. Both in Brazil and in many other countries in which it accumulates clients also satisfied (Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, and Cuba).

The technical team, in turn, also has constant investments in training and improvement. Its staff includes experienced and fully qualified professionals in civil engineering, cartography, geology, geography, geomatics, photogrammetry, system analysis and complementary areas that together work to ensure more efficient results.

Whether in government agencies of the most varied levels – from federal to municipal – or in private enterprise, Engefoto is at the forefront of engineering and aerial survey to you. Count on us!

Our Policy

“Meeting the needs of our clients, providing consultancy services for Transport Engineering and Geomatics Engineering by using updated technology and qualified technical staff, maintaining the continuous system improvement.”

Mission, Vision, and Values


“Developing engineering solutions profitably, creating the most reliable products and contributing to sustainable development.”


“Being the reference company on its market for the recognition of the excellence of its services, management and adopted attitude.”


  • Excellence
  • Valuation of the Human Capital
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Team Synergy – respect and companionship
  • Tenacity
  • Innovation
  • Dynamism
  • Ethics
  • Customer Satisfaction

Structure and Technology

Being one of the leading companies in Brazil in geomatics and transport engineering consultancy requires commitment and constant evolution. And this is precisely one of the most striking features of Engefoto: continued investments in infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to ensure – and to further increase – the excellence of its deliveries.

Based in Curitiba (PR), the company has its own main place of business and ample space: nearly 2,000 square meters of built area. It also has several temporary offices, scattered in the four corners of Brazil to provide local support to construction management.

Investing in internal development for several solutions demanded by its clients, seeking to optimize production lines with solutions for flight plans, aerial triangulation,  stereophotogrammetrical restitution, generation of orthophotos, geographical information systems, is also a trademark of Engefoto.

Because flying is needed

With their own aircraft and specially adapted and approved by ANAC, they have digital cameras with very high resolution and equipped with Forward Motion Compensation (FMC), in addition to state-of-the-art lenses.

Engefoto uses the latest Inertial Navigation Systems in all air and ground surveys. This minimizes the number of control points, and thus guaranteeing maximum precision at a lower cost in all your projects.

Modern Inertial Navigation Systems (InertialNavigation Systems, or INS) which incorporate an inertial sensor (IMU) to a Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) allow Direct Georeferencing of Sensors with accuracy. The post-processing these data incorporates the GNSS coordinates to the information generated by the accelerometers and gyroscopes of the inertial sensor, providing the position and attitude of sensors such as cameras and laser scanners at each instant of measurement.


Digital Terrain Models

Always seeking the best quality and lowest price, Engefoto invests heavily in laser technology, through airborne, static or mobile sensor. The airborne equipment allows not only flight at higher altitudes as a higher repetition rate and operating both during the day and at night. The result then are more agile and precise deliveries with optimized performance.

To increase the quality of digital terrain and elevation models, Engefoto offers data processing software laser (LIDAR – Light Detection And Ranging). This allows classification of information and generation of products such as hypsometric image, intensity image  and contours lines in an automated manner.

For static surveys, or in vehicles, for land mobile mapping, the company acquired a laser mapping system with a range of 0.6 to 130 m, frequency of 976,000 points/s, accuracy of ± 2 mm, integrated color camera.


Multifunctional System LandRunner

The real commitment to develop and optimize the market has led Engefoto to create its own and multifunctional system for registration surveys of pavements and land routes. It is called LandRunner, this is equipped with a digital camera system and other optional sensors, integrated with an Inertial Navigation System (INS) and odometer (DMI) of centimeter accuracy.

LandRunner can synchronize the various components and through a specially adapted vehicle. This performs the following operations simultaneously:

  • Laser longitudinal roughness measurement with three sensors.
  • Registration of floor failures, through a continuous imaging process from the pavement surface using a rear camera.
  • Panoramic registration of events visible to the surface via continuous imaging using front-end camera.
  • Georeferencing of all information, allowing also the registration of the plan and profile geometry.
  • Odometrical binding of all events, with subdecimetric precision.
  • 360° geo-referenced imaging of urban streets for registration of facades of buildings and infrastructure aimed for constructive pattern definition.