Information Technology

Developing customized software allows the creation of multiple platforms for sampling, processing and analysis of results.

From the definition it is possible to conclude that the whole SIG uses software to enable query, maintenance and visualization of alphanumeric and graphic data on the system, and also of a management software and information storage, that is, a database manager.

Geo-referenced Information System (GIS) means a set of programs, equipment, methodologies, data, and people (users) perfectly integrated to make possible collection, storage, processing and analysis of geo-referenced data, as well as the production of information derived from its application.

SIGs have its development associated with advances in Cartography, Computer Graphic, and Geography, mainly resulting from computerization and new features provided by the introduction of computers and database managers.

A geographic information system requires the development of a solution of geoinformation project by an interdisciplinary team that will contribute to the success of the implementation of the services.

A geo-information solution project involves performing activities systematically with well-defined milestones, which allows the designer to plan each activity and execute it within a sequence where they have the beginning with the user’s knowledge. This determines their needs and tasks, raises questions that can be answered through spatial analysis – which is one way to determine the needs for geographic information. It describes the geographic information required to meet your needs until you can close the loop determining the entities or classes the geographic database and its attributes, its scales and project geographic database.


Engefoto has a team of highly qualified information technology with computer engineers, systems analysts, programmers and various professionals with expertise in GIS, with proven ability in multi-platform solutions for various development patterns, including desktop systems and web-based applications.

Highlights as a ESRI_Partner company.

It fully supplies its demand: from data collection, processing, analysis, storage and availability in on-premise, web-based and mobile systems, training and technical support.

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Cartographic Bases

Accurate information about space for making reliable decisions with all the necessary infrastructure and efficient planning

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