Mobile Mapping System

The Mobile System allow for the gathering of terrain information quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

The 360° land mobile geo-referenced imaging corresponds to the photographic record in 360° and geo-referenced imaging, in a defined projection system, which allows it to be linked to a given location on the ground.

The photographs are records on which it is possible to determine features of identifiable elements in the image, and its location in the field makes it possible to associate these characteristics with other related data records to the same land area.

At Engefoto, the mobile mapping is accomplished by using an internally developed system, called LandRunner, which provides a wealth of georeferenced images along highways, facades of real estate units of the municipality and the whole urban infrastructure.

LandRunner is equipped with a digital camera system and other optional sensors, integrated with an Inertial Navigation System (INS) and odometer (DMI) of centimeter accuracy.

A system is composed by:

Inertial navigation system of the brand Applanix, model POS LV 510.

Spherical camera of the brand Point Grey, model Ladybug5 equipped with 6 5-MPixel cameras, creating a panoramic RGB image with 30 MPixel.

Odometer of the brand Veeder Root, model B58, equipped with 1000 pulses per turn. When integrated with one or more land laser scanners for dynamic collection, it has a powerful three-dimensional survey. This generates dense and accurate digital models of both the topography and vertical surface structures.

The result of the laser data collection is point clouds that contain very detailed information that is processed with the appropriate applications for documentation that is needed, according to the technical specifications. Due to the high precision of the acquired points it is possible to represent reality. This obtains a very reliable three-dimensional model.


Visualization system development of the images, called LandView (LandViewAddIn-ESRI) for desktop computer and an API for use in web-based environment (LandViewAPI-JavaScript, it uses WebGL).

With LandView, the operator can view the position of the photos associated with the trajectories on the available cartographic base, in a specific window, and in a secondary window the system will display photographs taken in the field in a setting that allows the rotation of the viewing environment at 360°.

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Partnership BIM – SEIL

Partnership for the development of BIM technology for transport infrastructure projects.

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Registration Surveys

Having various purposes, the registration surveys are a constant reality for updating urban and rural information, essential to the project development.

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